All Weather Furniture Cover – 4 Seat Dining Set



  • Dimensions: 200 Dia x 90cm (Suitable for both round and square 4 seat dining sets)
  • Lightweight 5mm ripstop polyester.
  • All covers come with a handy storage bag included.
  • Sewn-in cords with 2 stoppers at 2 sides of each cover.
  • Breathable membrane transports condensation outside and prevents water, dust and dirt from getting in at the same time.
  • All our furniture covers contain no PVC.
  • PVC covers can only breathe through air vents built into these covers. Our fabric continues to breathe in all weathers.
  • Vinyl & PVC also becomes hard with low temperatures and eventually breaks down. LifestyleGarden covers stay flexible in low temperatures.
  • PVC is also bad for our earth, our furniture covers are made of environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled after their useful life.
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  1. Cover must be pulled  over the  furniture and secured around the bottom to prevent lifting
  2. In times of persistent rain, Pooling of water must be avoided by adding a suitable prop under the centre of the cover to allow the water to run off, creating a tent effect. Any damage to the cover caused by excessive pooling of water will not be covered under the limited warranty.
  3. The cover is intended to keep the furniture clean and to prevent debris from trees etc from falling onto the furniture. The cover is also intended to protect from rain and weathering, but please note that during periods of continued rain some slight seepage is possible along sew lines.
  4. Condensation build up is also possible underneath the cover, so regular ventilation is required in order to prevent this.
  5. This cover will not provide full protection for cushions, so, while the cover is beneficial to keep cushions clean during dry spells, It is important to remove cushions when covering for extended periods, or when rain is expected.

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