Deluxe Pop-Up Gazebo Light Grey



This gazebo provides shade and protection from the sun and light rain. A cozy space to relax, enjoy meals outdoors and hang out with family and friends in your garden or patio.


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-Easy to assemble and with removable walls to create an open space.
-Includes sandbags, ropes and stakes to secure the frame to the ground.
-This gazebo’s intended use is domestic leisure or decorative and shade purposes only.
-This gazebo is not intended as a shelter to withstand the elements and should never be used or left assembled in windy or exposed conditions.
-This gazebo should always be firmly secured to the ground when assembled.
-This gazebo should always be stored indoors in dry conditions when not in use and especially during periods of inclement weather.
-Please do not cook or use fire inside or in close proximity to this gazebo.